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Rachel Rammal

Editorial Assistant


Rachel Rammal serves as the Editorial Intern at Fashion Studies. She is grateful to complete her graduate internship under the supervision of Dr. Ben Barry and Dr. Alison Matthews David, as part of the Master of Arts in Fashion at Ryerson University. Originally from Montreal, Canada, she obtained her undergraduate degree in Psychology (Honours) from Concordia University. Her current research focuses on the intersection of social theory, secularization, and religious dress. Growing up in Quebec, she witnessed the tense political and social climate surrounding the divisive discourse on religious minorities, identity, and dress. When this discourse culminated with Quebec’s recent adoption of secular Bill 21, Rachel was determined to pursue this line of inquiry. With an emphasis on the Muslim veil and Bill 21, her research delves into the colonial act of unveiling Muslim women. Her aim is to reveal the poignant similarities between these 19th century forced unveilings and our modern institutionalization of secular policies, in light of their respective social, political, and historical contexts.