We encourage multi-media submissions.


Submission Guidelines



One thing we know for certain is that fashion studies’ strength lies in its ability to engage with other disciplines. From pop culture to archeology, as the first open access journal in fashion academia we welcome innovative work that invokes a critical study of fashion. We encourage multi-media submissions and are excited about diverse theoretical and methodological approaches. We want to help nurture fashion as a fun, creative field of study; therefore we encourage forward thinking, cutting edge submissions.



If you are interested in submitting your work to us, then you are eligible! We are excited to see what you have in mind. We particularly encourage submissions from graduate students, minorities, activists, feminists and independent scholars. You can submit to us as an individual, partnership or group. However, we do not accept any submissions that include discriminatory, racist, sexist or otherwise hateful language or imagery.



All submissions should be sent in online to our e-mail address, fashionstudies@ryerson.ca. Please make sure to include the issue number and submission format in your e-mail title (i.e. Issue 1, Sound Art).



At Fashion Studies, we believe that there are multiple ways to understand and share knowledge. More importantly, we know that we don’t know everything about how to disseminate academic work; we’re still learning, and we promise to get better and better. Because of this, we currently invite three submission formats: academic papers, creative works and interviews. As a mixed media focused publication, a combination of these are also always welcomed. If you have a submission that you feel does not fit these formats, feel free to contact us! We promise to work together to help move your submission forward through the process.

Please see our handy checklist that includes important details on how submissions to the FSJ should be formatted.

There are three formats to choose from:




The first section of Fashion Studies will be made up of academic papers.

  • Between 5000-7000 words, inclusive of references
  • May also be supplemented with the use of mixed media
  • When possible, please submit papers as Word documents




The second section of the journal will be comprised of creative work.

  • Accompanied by a 1000-1500 word introduction, explaining the work and situating it within fashion theory
  • Examples: Creative writing, sound art, videos and paintings, etc.
  • When possible, please submit creative work as Word documents




Finally, the last section will be focused on interviews.

  • Accompanied by a 1000-1500 word introduction, situating the interview within fashion studies and its relevance to the field
  • Option to include: Text, video, audio, photographs, etc 
  • When possible, please submit interviews as Word documents