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Dr. Nigel Lezama

Editorial Board Member


Nigel Lezama is an assistant professor of 19th century French literature and culture at Brock University in the Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures department. His work focuses on critical fashion and luxury studies. A study of the fashioning of working-class and aristocratic monsters in The Walking Dead and Hannibal, entitled “Slasher Consciousness: Class, Killer Clothes and Heterogeneity” will be published in Fashion and Horror (Bloomsbury) in 2018. “Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems. Hip Hop and Luxury’s Uneasy Alliance,” a diachronic analysis of luxury tropes in three hip-hop tracks, will be published in the Oxford University Press Hip Hop Handbook in 2017. He has also published works on the codes of luxury in 19th century transvestism, and dress and poverty in the 19th-century popular novel. He is currently working on a long-form study of luxury and fashion in hip-hop culture.