We are so excited to be challenged, educated and inspired by your work.



Some things in life are hard; submitting to Fashion Studies shouldn’t be.

Working with us should be fun! Below is a checklist for anyone interested in sharing their work with Fashion Studies. We want to make the submission process as straightforward as possible. Please read this list over before submitting your work over e-mail to fashionstudies@ryerson.ca; submissions that do not follow these guidelines will unfortunately not be considered. We don’t want to waste your time!


So, please:

Here are our general formatting suggestions. We prefer:

  • Canadian English spelling

  • Double spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font

  • 1” margins

  • Your last name on the top left of the page

  • The page number on the top right of the page

  • Bolded headings

  • Em dashes

  • Oxford commas

  • At least 1-4 images per submission

  • Images and image citations placed in text

As well, please include along with your submission:

  • At least 2 images and accompanying captions

  • 200 to 250 word abstract

  • 5 key words

  • 100 to 150 word personal biography

  • An image of yourself to be published along with your submission if accepted

  • A reference list and appropriate in-text citations

  • Clearly state your chosen citation style

  • The secured rights for any images/figures/graphs included

And there you have it! We are so excited to be challenged, educated, and inspired by your work.