Issue 2/Volume 1

May 9, 2019
Toronto, ON, Canada

We are thrilled to be launching Issue 2 of Fashion Studies. We have come a long way in a year, growing from 14 articles to 25 across 3 separate volumes, and we will be announcing many exciting new collaborative projects in the upcoming months, including the first of several Special Issues of the journal.

Issue 2 proudly features diverse, emerging voices in our field. As co-founders and editors, we are mindful about the ways in which systemic barriers to higher education and to fashion studies in particular has excluded and erased certain bodies, voices, and research from being published and shared. Fashion Studies is committed to making an intentional effort to recruit, nurture, and support those who have been and continue to be marginalized in our field, aligning with our values as an open-access journal. We encourage our colleagues to explore systemic barriers for underrepresented scholars and creatives in their own journals, courses, and creative spaces, and to develop new pathways to nurture and support them.

Our field will only continue to grow, inspire, and educate by welcoming new voices to our community. Those of us with privilege in the field, including journal editors, have the power to help remove these barriers and support a much-needed diversity of perspectives and experiences — both of our authors and in the topics that we publish. As a Canadian publication, we continue to work towards making our journal bilingual in French — donc des articles et des créations en français seront bienvenues dans notre journal.

We would like to thank our authors, peer reviewers, and editorial board for so generously sharing their time and expertise. Without you, Fashion Studies would not exist. You help us bring new research and creative work from a dynamic field to readers the world over without cost. As well, Ryerson University’s MA Fashion program and Communication and Culture program have allowed us to work closely with brilliant graduate students. Thank you to Jaclyn Marcus, our Editorial Assistant, and Rachel Rammal, our Editorial Intern, whose hard work and dedication make this journal possible.

It is an honour to create a space to publish work in fashion studies that is freely available to all. We encourage you to check in throughout the year for new articles and updates. We will see you back here for Issue 3!

Much love,

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Dr. Alison Matthews David


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Dr. Ben Barry


Co-Editors, Fashion Studies

Centre for Fashion Diversity & Social Change

Ryerson University

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